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An overview of different email marketing campaigns in Moosend.

An email marketing campaign, or a campaign, is a newsletter that you send to your recipients to achieve a specific outcome. You can use this for email marketing, service updates, sales confirmations, and whatever else you might need. You can also create a transactional campaign, which is an email template with dynamic and personalized content that's triggered by a specific customer action, such as abandoning a cart.

Here are the different types of campaign you can create in Moosend:

  • Regular campaign - send a crafted email message to your target audience, for example, when you want to send newsletters, promotional offers, or product updates.

  • RSS campaign - connect your campaign directly to an RSS feed and update your content automatically.

  • Repeatable HTML - automatically fetch new content for your campaign from a designated website resource.

  • A/B testing - test two different versions of the same campaign in terms of subject line, campaign content, or campaign senders.

  • Automation campaign - send a campaign through an automation workflow, based on a specific trigger or condition.

  • Transactional campaign - design a transactional email with dynamic and personalized content that is triggered from the API by a specific customer action.